PESC - Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council

The Goals of the PESC Mission include: fostering open, transparent collaboration across global education sectors, improving institutional performance and data quality, simplifying access and reducing cost, and enabling sustainable best practices and innovative solutions that streamline disparate information systems & emerging technologies.


Through open and transparent community participation, PESC enables cost-effective connectivity between data systems to accelerate performance and service, to simplify data access and research, and to improve data quality along the Education lifecycle.


PESC envisions global interoperability within the Education domain, supported by a trustworthy, inter-connected network built by and between communities of interest in which data flows digitally and seamlessly from one community or system to another and throughout the entire eco-system when and where needed without compatibility barriers but in a safe, secure, reliable, legal, and efficient manner.


While PESC promotes the implementation and usage of data exchange standards, PESC does not set (create or establish) policies related to privacy and security. Organizations and entities using PESC Approved Standards and services should ensure they comply with FERPA and all local, state, federal and international rules on privacy and security as applicable.

Established in 1997 at the National Center for Higher Education and headquartered in Washington, D.C., PESC is an international, 501 (c)(3) non-profit, community-based, umbrella association of data, software and education technology service providers; schools, districts, colleges and universities; college, university and state systems; local, state/province and federal government agencies; professional, commercial and non-profit organizations; and non-profit associations & foundations.

2017 Marks PESC's 20th Year Anniversary!