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Standards Forum Boards

The activities of the Standards Forum for Education are conducted within several advisory boards and workgroups. The advisory boards make up the core structure for the administration of the Standards Forum activities while the workgroups are responsible for the detailed subject matter activities. Participation is open to all Membership organizations of PESC. Additionally, non-PESC Members may be invited to participate at the determination of the Executive Director.

Nomination and Appointment

Advisory Board Membership is determined by the Steering Committee and is based on the subject matter of the proposed standard and the parties that will be impacted by the proposed standard. There is no formal election process for participation on any of the Standards Forum Advisory Boards and/or Workgroups. Membership on the advisory boards and workgroups is voluntary and unrestricted (except as noted above).

Roles and Responsibilities

There are two standing advisory boards in operation to support the administration of the Standards Forum.

  1. The Technical Advisory Board (TAB) is responsible for updating and maintaining all technical specifications and for providing guidance on technical and architectural issues related to electronic standards and higher education.
  2. The Change Control Board (CCB) governs the data dictionary, core components documentation, and schemas and authorizes all changes and updates to any and all PESC approved standards.



Policies & Procedures

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