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Membership Benefits

> Unlimited, active participation available in:

  • all data standards-setting development initiatives
  • the PESC Standards Forum for Education and all PESC workgroups
  • Canadian PESC User Group
  • CEDS User Group
  • CommIT User Group
  • Education Record User Group
  • Student Aid User Group
  • PESC Member Meetings
  • EA2 Task Force
  • CDS Task Force

> Organizational representatives are qualified to serve in leadership roles:

  • as Chair of initiatives and/or workgroups
  • on the Steering Committee of the Standards Forum for Education
  • on the Board of Directors

> Right to vote on:

  • PESC Approved Standards
  • issues proposed by the Membership
  • changes to PESC by-laws
  • elections of the Board of Directors

> Eligible to:

  • propose workgroup topics to the Board of Directors for standards development and/or research
  • submit articles and press releases for inclusion in PESC's monthly newsletter THE STANDARD

> Discounted member rates:

  • PESC meetings & conferences
  • PESC Fall Data Summits
  • PESC Spring Data Summits
  • Seal of Approval Program

> Free access to all PESC conference calls

> Linked as a Member on PESC website (with a link to your website), in certain publications, and in promotional materials

> Networking and collaboration with other Membership organizations that support data exchange standardization

Association "Umbrella" Policy

For associations that are members of PESC, payment of dues enables both unlimited staff participation in PESC and extension of PESC member benefits to its membership as well. The first five (5) representatives from an association's membership can participate at no extra charge. After five (5), a $500 per person fee is assessed. Associations are required to identify and submit the names and contact information for those representatives designated under the umbrella policy on an annual basis. As the association is the member though, official voting remains the sole responsibility of the association.

Membership Sponsors

Please note that members and affiliates may pay the Membership costs for another organization. Such sponsorships are important for those organizations, especially LEAs, schools, colleges and universities that have a vested interest in joining PESC but have budgetary restrictions.



Download, print out, and complete the document below and mail it in with a check made payable to PESC. Note that our Federal Tax ID # is: 52-2179499.

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