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Library of Codes

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pdf icon Code List 161 Academic Degree Code (DE 1126)

pdf icon Code List 162 Educational Test or Requirements Code (DE 1155)& Code List 163 Subtest Code (DE 1158 - 14K)

Code List 451 Student Activity Type Code (DE 1271)

Code List 452 Student Award Code List (DE 1271)

Code List 453 Residency Indicator Code List (DE 1271)

Code List 455 Application Question Identifier Code List (DE 1271)

Code List 456 Letter of Recommendation Rating Category Code List (DE 1271)

pdf icon Code List 570 Testing Service Question Code List (DE 1271 - 6K)

pdf icon Code List 574 Testing Statistical Category Code List (DE 1271 - 6K)

Code List 575 Testing Demographic Category Code List (DE 1271)

pdf icon Code List 709 Disbursement Status Code List (DE 1271 - 4K)

Code List 710 Aid Type Code (DE 1271)

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