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PESC Approved Standards

PESC Approved Standards are available free of charge from PESC.org and were developed, reviewed and approved through an open, transparent and community-based collaborative process governed by PESC. Each standard below supports a business process or transaction and each can be used one independently from another. All PESC Approved Standards include:

  • XML schemas that outline how files should be designed and populated
  • Implementation Guides that help explain how to implement and use PESC Approved Standards
  • Instance Documents which are valid examples of XML schemas based on fictitious or 'dummy' data

1) Admissions Application

2) Education Test Score Reporting

3) Functional Acknowledgement


6) PDF Attachment

7) Student Aid (COD, NSLDS, etc.)

8) Transcripts

9) Data Transport Specification

9) Core Main

11) Sector Libraries



Policies & Procedures

PESC Approved Standards

Development Workgroups

Education Record User Group

EDI Implementation Guides


To view the files simply click on the links above. To save to your computer, right-click and select "save target as" (in IE).