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PDF Program

PowerPoint Conference Opening
Michael Sessa
PowerPoint Application of Business Intelligence in Higher Education
John Van Weeren
PowerPoint CRC Implementation
David Bailey, Jennifer Hulvey, Rhonda Kilgore
PowerPoint EA2 and Meteor
Charlie Leonhardt, Tim Cameron
PowerPoint Electronic Data Exchange Standards in FFELP
Tim Cameron, Mark Putman
PowerPoint Electronic Transcripts
Allison Rhea, Terry Young
PowerPoint European Initiatives
Jim Farmer
PowerPoint FFEL Business Process and Data Standardization
Kristi Blabaum, Justin Draeger, Pam Eliadis
PowerPoint Global Authentication: Liberty Alliance Identity Assurance Framework
Brett McDowell
PowerPoint Kuali Project
Phil McKown
PowerPoint Legislative and Regulatory Impacts on Technology Standards
Wanda Hall, Kathleen Smith
PowerPoint Perspectives from National, Centralized Data Exchange Service Providers
Doug Falk, Ida Quamina, Al Walser
PowerPoint PK-20 Data Standards Alignment: Perspectives from the US Dept of ED
Holly Hyland, Ross Santy
PowerPoint Real ID
Dan Combs
PowerPoint SIFA - Value of Standards in PK12 Interoperability
Laurie Collins, Larry Fruth
PowerPoint Standards Initiatives in Development
Eddie Upton
PowerPoint Student Unit Records
Peter Ewell
PowerPoint Web Tools - Business Trends
Word Document Web Tools - Business Trends
Tim Bornholtz
PowerPoint Web Tools - Technical Trends
Word Document Web Tools - Technical Trends
Tim Bornholtz
PowerPoint XML Development Methodologies
Steve Margenau


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