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XML College Transcript



July 9, 2004

XML College Transcript Approved as PESC Standard

The Board of Directors and Steering Committee of the Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC) is pleased to announce the release of the XML Postsecondary Transcript version 1.0 as a community standard. This effort marks a significant milestone and achievement for the higher education community and for PESC. Begun in May of 2000 with the publication of an educational white paper on a new technology called eXtensible Mark-Up Language (XML), community leaders have worked hard to bring XML from a cutting edge technology to daily operations within education.

Dave Moldoff, Senior Vice President of Solutions Architecture and Infrastructure at Sungard SCT and PESC Board Member comments that "the overarching goal is not to just put out standards, but to put out standards that organizations like Sungard SCT will actually use - and we are." He adds, "We must continue to work with and through the community so that we can all move forward together, in an organized manner."

"The XML Postsecondary Transcript, like the EDI version, facilitates the fast, efficient and accurate exchange of information among postsecondary institutions," states Bob Morley, Associate Registrar at the University of Southern California and Board Member of both PESC and the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). "EDI had long ago demonstrated the value of a standardized electronic data exchange. The XML Postsecondary Transcript offers a new companion resource which capitalizes upon the adoption of new technology and methods in postsecondary institutions, and offers institutions more options for the standardized electronic exchange of information. The 'hoped-for' result will be a much more robust exchange of information among postsecondary institutions, both large and small."

"In California's Community College System, we're implementing the XML Postsecondary Transcript. It will save us time and most importantly resources and money. We are looking for one way to process transcripts and this will be it," adds Catherine McKenzie, project coordinator for the Chancellor's Office.

For anyone looking to communicate their specific use and adoption of the XML College Transcript, please contact Michael Sessa at michael.sessa@pesc.org or 202.261.6516.

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