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"PESC is where the higher education community comes together to create the building blocks and sustainable process underlying integration and information access long term.

The importance of data specifications and standards to support the Academy can't be understated. The multitude of touch points spanning data systems reveal the complexity and burden of system integration and information access. If we are ever going to address the means to improve how data systems interoperate and coexist, we must come together to develop and maintain a meta data dictionary, the methods and protocols spanning touch points, and the rules governing change."

-David K. Moldoff, CEO and Founder
AcademyOne, Inc.


"We are excited to continue to work with PESC to expand electronic standards throughout the postsecondary education community.

Increasing data consistency and standards drives down costs and improves services for government agencies and individual schools. We look forward to collaborating with PESC, the federal government, and schools to continue to improve interoperability within the community."

- Paul Peck, Senior Executive


"At times postsecondary institutions tend to 're-invent the wheel', but by finding PESC, we have a beginning template to assist in our future decision-making.

Neumann College has been experiencing a growth rate over the last few years. As part of the growth, all business system models are being reviewed for ease of entry. With the continued integration of information from external sources, the College has realized the need for standards across all Business Units. In that vein, the College has created a Data Standards panel to review and collaborate information processing."

- Russ Bilotta, Director of Administrative Systems
Neumann College


"We are pleased to join this association and look forward to taking part in this effort to improve the educational experience for students.

Kaplan University is dedicated to providing innovative postsecondary education with a student-centered service and support approach. With a trend of ever-accelerating student mobility and transfer between institutions of higher learning within and outside of state and national borders, Kaplan University considers PESC's mission of standardized data exchange to facilitate collaboration across educational communities to be a key element in defining higher education in the 21st century."

- Afshin Mikaili, Ph.D., MBA, Director of PLA Center
Kaplan University


"Washington State University is very interested in using the electronic standards provided by PESC in delivering transcripts electronically, both to our colleagues' institutions as well as to employers and others.

Having recently completed an online transcript order system, we see this as the next logical step, and we are relying on those involved with these standards to help us with this implementation. We have also begun to investigate the delivery of University Catalog data in electronic form and are very excited about the joining the effort in this area as well."

- Richard Backes, Senior Associate Registrar
Washington State University


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