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XML Development Workgroups

Individual workgroups are created as dictated by the needs of the Standards Forum for Education. Workgroups have the authority to create subcommittees as needed to carry out their responsibilities. Workgroups create proposed standards based on the needs of the education community and these proposals are transmitted to the Change Control Board for review and validation. Developers and analysts on the workgroup must prepare documentation with a consistent approach. They must be developed in accordance with PESC's Guidelines for XML Architecture and Data Modeling or corresponding guidelines for other technology applications.

The workgroups are also responsible for ensuring that sufficient industry collaboration is involved in the development of the candidate submission. All parties with a vested interest in the adoption of a standard must have the opportunity to provide input to the process. Workgroups are responsible for two major deliverables: appropriate schema(s) and an implementation guide.

Upon acceptance of a new standard, the individual workgroups also become responsible for development and maintenance of the standards that they are assigned. Workgroups are expected to make every effort to reuse existing data elements without modification wherever possible to minimize the number of data elements used across applications.

Participation on development workgroups is open to representatives from PESC Member organizations.



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