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PESC is proud to have, among its members, leaders and innovators in electronic data exchange for the education community. As the value of and need for high school and college transcript data increases, so too do the enhancements and functionalities made available by the leading transcript exchange providers. While pockets of progression have succeeded over the years, all stakeholders are now agreeing on common processes and common standards. The proven end result will include improved data quality, reduced costs, simplified access and overall easier, streamlined processes for students, parents, and administrators - the ultimate beneficiaries of innovation.

PESC supports a number of activities related to high school and college transcripts. While PESC's Education Record User Group (ERUG) governs all maintenance and development of high school and college PESC Approved Standards (including EDI, PDF, & XML), PESC's Common Data Services (CDS) Task Force is addressing the need for transfer of all educational data types, starting with transcripts, through an open web services network and associated standards, the Canadian PESC User Group is gathering support for a Canadian Exchange Network.

Listed below are the most recent announcements from leaders working within both the PESC and AACRAO communities:

Canadian High School Transcript Exchange Network

Growing Global Support of Groningen Declaration and its Commitment to Student Data Portability at DSDDW 2013 in Beijing

Ellucian and National Student Clearinghouse Alliance Enables Cost-Effective "Touch-Free" Electronic Transcript Processing and Delivery

National Student Clearinghouse's Position on Establishment of a National Electronic Education Data Exchange Network

Open Standards, Open Networks | Parchment's Five Principles and Actions to Achieve Open Exchange of Electronic Student Records

Credentials Solutions Commitment to Open Exchange of Electronic Student Records

Open Letter to AACRAO

PESC 15th Year Anniversary Statement

SCRIP-SAFE Endorses PESC's EdExchange and Announces Creation of EDI/XML Exchange Server as a Future Node

Leading eTranscript Services Avow, Credentials Solutions, and Docufide Announce Open SPEEDE Collaborative

National Student Clearinghouse Commits to Open, Free Access and Standards

The University of Texas at Austin to Partner with National Student Clearinghouse on Electronic Student Records Initiative

Eduventures | Electronic Transcript Exchange - Benefits and Experiences of Early Postsecondary Adopters




High School Transcript

College Transcript

Transcript Request & Response

Transcript Acknowledgement

Transcript Batch

EDI and XML Crosswalks

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