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PESC & Internet2

Strategic Partnership between PESC and Internet2

August 31, 2011

PESC and Internet2's InCommon are champions of standards that support research, learning and administrative services: InCommon develops and promotes trust-related services based on industry standards and PESC develops and promotes data-interchange standards related to electronic document interchange, especially in the area of student records and data.

We recognize that our missions are compatible and that our target audiences may overlap. Both organizations commit to working together to determine common priorities and align our efforts to advance each other's goals. In addition, each organization will work to share information about the other organization with its respective and prospective members and encourage them to join and participate in the other. The goal of this work will be to promote the development and adoption of shared standards and infrastructure across the higher education community and its partners.

This collaboration will focus on those areas where our work overlaps and is of strategic importance to both organizations and the education community.

We envision that our joint work will focus on the following collaborations:

  • Joint white papers and alignment on key common technical initiatives;
  • Promotion of standards, tools, and efforts that contribute directly to the mission and goals of each organization;
  • Promote overlapping membership in committees of common interest; and
  • Identify and develop shared pilots and projects.

In January each year, management from both organizations will determine the shared priorities and resulting activities for that calendar year and discuss results from the previous year.




Memorandum of Understanding - PESC & InCommon

PESC & InCommon - Position Paper

CommIT Pilot Project

EA2 Task Force

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