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Greetings from PESC!

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am pleased to provide you with information for both PESC's Membership and Sponsorship Programs.

PESC is working to become the voice for the efficient and secure real-time exchange of student data from initial access of the student from high school into the college environment through successful completion of the education experience and into the workforce.

PESC is driving the collaborative development and alignment of data across disparate systems and across sectors; and, eliminating incompatible interfaces that disrupt student achievement and inflate costs for institutions, states, government agencies and schools struggling to keep up with the demands of technology while maintaining competitive tuition and/or spending rates.

PESC's strength and influence are derived from the direct actions and participation of its membership and collaborating within the Education community continues to bring us closer to our mutual goals.

PESC is building a core competency in XML architecture and data modeling and in linking public and private sectors, serves as the only data standards-setting body for the Education domain.

By joining PESC, you join the rest of the education technology, data, research and policy communities in this mission.

Please join PESC now. Review this information and return all completed forms and information. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Jennifer Kim, Membership Services Director, at 202-261-6516 or at Jennifer.Kim@PESC.org.

Michael Sessa

Michael D. Sessa
President & CEO



Please complete and submit the application below and mail it in with a check made payable to PESC. (#52-2179499).


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