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Application and Agreement for PESC Seal of Approval Program

through  January 31, 2020

through  August 31, 2019

The Seal of Approval Program is a voluntary service offered by PESC

to users , or implementers of PESC Approved Standards

to indicate a uniform level of implementation.

Implementers must formally apply to PESC for the Seal of Approval using the official Application and Agreement.  This service is designed to communicate to the global education community that a certain implementation of PESC Approved Standards has been uniformly implemented according to the original intent and spirit of the PESC Approved Standard.

A Seal of Approval can be used by implementers (colleges, universities, state and provincial agencies, high schools, districts, service providers and all other applicable education stakeholders) to market products and services to demonstrate alignment and digital interoperability.

Award Recipients of a PESC Seal of Approval will be used by PESC to market and promote the value of collaboration, to further the PESC mission of interoperability, and encourage all to join the growing global community moving toward digital data management.

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