Key Highlights - Data Systems Only Do What You Ask Them To Do | Featured Session at PESC Spring 2018 Data Summit
PESC Spring 2018 Data Summit | Best Practices in Education Data Systems
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MAY 2 - 4, 2018


The PESC Membership and the General Public

are welcome and encouraged to register and attend! 

The PESC SPRING 2018 DATA SUMMIT will be held Wednesday May 2-4, 2018 in Washington DC.  Beginning at 7:30am on May 2, 2018 with continental breakfast, registration and a 1st Time Attendee Welcome Session, the SPRING 2018 DATA SUMMIT includes PESCs Annual Membership Meeting, Annual Spring Reception and concludes by noon on Friday May 4, 2018.


The PESC SPRING 2018 DATA SUMMIT includes a range of topics all targeting: access, integration and implementation of data systems; maintenance and promotion of data exchange standards; open, community-driven development and innovation of technology; data privacy, data quality, data management, and data collection & reporting; mobility and overall interoperability; & other key factors that drive global education data systems development and technology.

PESC and ITS MEMBERS lead open, transparent, collaborative development across P20W Education. Supporting this mission are PESC partners AACRAO, APEREO, ARUCC, A4L, EMREX, Erasmus Without Paper, Groningen Declaration Network, HR Open Standards, Internet2, SHEEO & US Department of Education's CEDS - Common Education Data Standards Initiative.  

PESC is sponsored:  Annual Diamond Sponsors: Credentials Solutions, National Student Clearinghouse, Oracle and Parchment; Annual Silver Sponsor Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE).


To register for the Spring 2018 Data Summit, please click REGISTER ONLINE and complete the registration process online.  Registration fees are listed below:


  $1,225 (US)

  PESC Member
  $995 (US)

All General and Breakout Sessions and events are open to all registered attendees.  Transparent collaboration, engaging discussions, awareness of technical resources and best practices, identification of emerging technologies, professional networking and new business contacts, and tips from experts of leading community organizations can be expected.

Note that General (Plenary) Sessions are presented in typical conference format in which featured speakers present on a certain topic followed by brief Q & A; while Breakout Sessions follow a more informal workshop format in which group members roll up their sleeves, discuss and interact in more detail in order to advance the group activities and maximize in-person convening time.



Dupont Circle Hotel

1500 New Hampshire Avenue NW
Washington DC, 20036
United States 
+1 202 483 6000

Deadline for Discounted Rate:

April 13, 2018

Group Rate Discount:

$259 (US) per night single/double

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Dress Code:

Business casual


Cancellation and refund requests must be made in writing (e.g. email) and will be processed 30 days after the SPRING 2018 DATA SUMMIT concludes. Any person who registers and decides not to attend MUST send a formal cancellation request - otherwise payment is due. Requests made by April 13, 2018 may be considered for a refund upon request. Any request made after April 13, 2018 is not eligible for a refund regardless of the attendance of the registrant. Refund and/or cancellation requests must be submitted to:

Jennifer Kim
Membership Services Director
1250 Connecticut Ave, NW
Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036

Requests may also be sent by email to


PESC requires that all speakers, moderators, chairs & attendees of Data Summits register and remit registration fees to attend Data Summits. PESC thanks all speakers and is grateful for their efforts in volunteering to provide updates and presentations. Only in rare instances, however (that is if a speaker is only attending a Data Summit for a specific session or presentation), can registration fees be waived and only by the PESC office.

Who's attending the PESC Spring 2018 Data Summit?

Representatives from:  AACRAO, Bardic Systems, Brigham Young University, BrightHive, California Community Colleges Technology Center, Brown University, Carnegie Mellon University, College Board, The Common Application, Credential Engine, Credential Solutions*, DegreeData, Educational Credential Evaluators, Ellucian, EMREX, Florida International University, George Washington Institute of Public Policy, Great Lakes Higher Education, Harford Community College, Indiana Commission for Higher Education, Indiana University, instructional media + magic inc, iQ4, Jobs for the Future, Lumina Foundation,  Midwestern Higher Education Compact, National Forum on Education Statistics, National Student Clearinghouse*, OCAD University, Ontario Universities’ Application Centre, Oracle*, Paradigm, Parchment*, San Francisco State University, Southern Illinois University Center for Workforce Development, SPEEDE, Student Connections, University of Maryland University College, University of Oslo, University of Phoenix, University of Southern California, US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, US National Forum on Education Statistics, Western Governors University, Workday, Working Nation, World Education Services.

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Best Practices in Education Data Systems

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 P   O   S   T   S   E   C   O   N   D   A   R   Y        E   L   E   C   T   R   O   N   I   C        S   T   A   N   D   A   R   D   S        C   O   U   N   C   I   L 

PESC - Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council | Leading the Establishment and Adoption of Open Data Standards Across the Education Domain | XML | EDI | JSON | Transcripts | Credentials


T3 Innovation Network: Exploring Web 3.0 Technology Applications in the Talent Marketplace | Featured Session at PESC Spring 2018 Data Summit


Darin Hobbs


Western Governors University

Doug Holmes

Programmer Analyst

Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC)

James Kelly

Senior Director of Technology,

Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE)

Jennifer Kim

Membership Services Director

Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC)

Susan McCrackin

Senior Director Financial Aid Methodology

College Board

 Anne Valentine

President & CEO


​This year PESC builds upon the knowledge and experience

shared and garnered at the past several Data Summits.  

In the Fall of 2016 in San Diego,

PESC resources combined to produce the

Common Credential for Certificates,  Degrees & Diplomas

in record time.

For Spring of 2017 in DC,

PESC looked externally in producing

Empowering the Mobility of Digital Academic Credentials

showcasing external projects, resources and speakers

and exemplifying the value and need for engagement

of all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Fall 2017 took PESC to Toronto 

for its 20th Anniversary to invigorate

global mobility & collaboration across Canada,

one of the largest users of all

PESC Approved Standards.

At the Spring 2018 Data Summit,

PESC convenes thought-leaders and experts

across policy, practice and technology and maximizes

the power of convening in-person (‘crowd power’).

Data systems only do what you ask them to do. 

Are you asking the right questions? 

 With PESC’s mission of fostering open, transparent

collaboration across educational communities,  

attendees of PESC’s Spring 2018 Data Summit can expect:

To learn about emerging initiatives &

be provided with a tremendous

amount of resources

To be connected through PESC

to a growing global community

To hear about new opportunities, 

pilot projects & demonstrations

To participate in discussions with 

leaders of emerging initiatives

PESC’s Spring 2018 Data Summit theme of

Best Practices in Education Data Systems

gathers all data stakeholders openly & collaboratively

to solve common, industry-shared problems &

to bring much needed clarity & coherence

to the education ecosystem. 

 Ready or not, here technology comes. 

The emergence of JSON and JSON-LD;

the employment and training sectors as the consumers

and users, on the demand-side of a supply-demand model;

new privacy regulations; and the value and importance of

competency and credential data, are provoking

innovation and collaboration like never before.

 Key session highlights at

PESC’s Spring 2018 Data Summit:

 AACRAO’s Integration of

Comprehensive Learner Records

Development and implementation of a single learner record

across a broad number of American colleges and universities

to capture and exchange competency and credential data,

reflecting all career ready skills and abilities

Credential Engine’s Vision & Report for

Moving Credentialing Forward

Now launched with Credential Finder, enabling stakeholders

to publish to the Credential Registry; and search and compare

credential information published


General Data Protection Regulation


Expert panelists provide an Executive Summary of GDPR

taking effect May 25, 2018 from student, institutional

and service provider perspectives

 JSON Task Force’s Translation Rules

for XML to JSON

With heavy use of EDI, PDF & XML across federal student aid,

admissions and registrar sectors, the JSON Task Force

(with participation from Australia, Canada,

New Zealand, Ukraine & USA),  

is strategizing across education to establish

a unified approach to JSON and JSON-LD

 PESC’s High School & College

Approved Transcript Standards

With PESC Approved High School & College

Transcript Standards implemented and used

across Canada and the USA (EDI, PDF, XML)

by colleges, universities, provinces, states,

application centers, service providers and vendors,

PESC will be discussing plans for an

Admissions Workgroup focused on recruitment and

enrollment data, Chaired by University of Iowa

 T3 Innovation Network’s Plan to

Improve and Establish a More Responsive,

Dynamic & Inclusive Talent Marketplace

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and

the Lumina Foundation are working with

leading employers, universities and colleges,

technical standards organizations and technology vendors

to explore leveraging Web 3.0 Technologies

(AI, Distributed Ledger Technology, Semantic Web Standards)

and will announce and discuss opportunities

for pilot projects and demonstrations.

Thank you for attending the Spring 2018 Data Summit!

We wish you an enjoyable experience,

thank you for your continued support of PESC and

thank our Annual Diamond Sponsors

for helping make the Data Summits possible.

Credentials Solutions

National Student Clearinghouse





 The Best Practices Competition attracts

the very best of the best and PESC is accordingly

pleased to announce that the

20th Annual Best Practices Competition

is now open for submissions!

From the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (2018 Winners), to the National Student Clearinghouse and iQ4 (2017 Winners), to AcademyOne and the University of Tennessee System (2016 Winners), to Parchment and Elon University (2015 Winners), and continuing with the University of Phoenix (2014), Ontario College Application Service  (2013) and Common Education Data Standards (2012) –
click here for the complete list of Past Winners – all are innovative, collaborative real solutions that maximize automated, reusable and sustainable technologies.  All share common goals of improving institutional performance, student and service delivery, and overall connectivity between stakeholders.

The Annual Best Practices Competition, instituted in 1999, is held by PESC to highlight and promote innovation and ingenuity in the application and implementation of interoperable data standards for business needs. 

Register and attend

the Spring 2018 Data Summit

at which PESC will highlight and showcase the

Winners for 2018!


In June 2015 PESC formed the Academic Credentialing and Experiential Learning Task Force to monitor and track current initiatives, provide speakers and presenters at several industry-leading conferences and events, serve as a clearinghouse for information, and ensure PESC is prepared for standards development work as the community is reaching the point in which standards are needed. 

The Task Force identified a gap in standards for the exchange of certificates, degrees and diplomas and worked through PESC to develop the PESC Approved XML Common Credential for Certificates, Degrees and Diplomas.  The Task Force continues to convene and focus on new and specific use cases (business or process cases) to determine their value and need in the community while leveraging technology and standards to meet the needs of emerging mobile academic credentials. 

At PESC’s Spring 2017 Data Summit – Empowering the Mobility of Digital Academic Credentials at which Connecting Credentials co-sponsored – Credential Engine and PESC convened a comprehensive data mapping initiative across all standards bodies. As part of this initiative, PESC and HR-Open Standards signed a joint MOU in August 2017. PESC is corresponding partners with Erasmus Without Paper and EMREX in Europe, and is undertaking additional data mapping exercises including data transmission and exchange.



MAY 2 - 4, 2018  |  WASHINGTON, D.C.