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 operates as an open, transparent, collaborative and permanent committee of volunteers within PESC.


Participation in User Group meetings is encouraged and open to representatives

of PESC Member organizations and representatives of stakeholders with Canadian interests.  


Cathy van Soest

Director, Client Services


Doug Holmes

Manager, eTranscripts

Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC)


Monthly - 2nd Thursdays 12 noon EDT


Organizations Participating:

​Alberta Post-Secondary

Application System*
Bishop's University

Brandon University

British Columbia Council on Admissions & Transfer

Camosun College*
Campus Manitoba
Canadian Information Centre for

International Credentials

Canadore College

Conestoga College

Council on Admission & Transfer of Nova Scotia (CATNS)*
Dalhousie University


Duklas Cornerstone Consulting*
Government of British Columbia

Government of New Brunswick

Government of Saskatchewan

​Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning*

Maplewood Computing
McGill University*
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Nicola Valley Institute of Technoloy

​OCAD University
Ontario Universities’ Application Centre*

Royal Roads University
Saskatchewan Ministry of Education
Service Régional d'Admission du Montréal métropolitain

SRB Education Solutions Inc.
Trevlac Computer Services
Université de Moncton
University of British Columbia
University of Calgary

University of Guelph

University of Lethbridge*
University of Manitoba

University of New Brunswick
University of Prince Edward Island
University of Regina
University of Saskatchewan

University of Montreal*
University of Toronto
University of Waterloo

Wilfrid Laurier University
York University

*PESC Member

CanPESC Meeting at McGill University & Fall 2019 Data Summit in Montreal.  Oct 22-25, 2019

​​​​​​​Benefits of



Coordinates communications, shares ideas and serves as an

information clearinghouse across provinces & territories


 Actively encourages and supports interprovincial collaboration and partnerships




represent Canadian interests and usage



and student mobility nationally

in order to achieve global interoperability


Participates in other PESC Groups to remain informed

of ongoing initiatives and how they affect ​Canadian interests


 Ensures a direct Canadian voice and solid representation

in global initiatives as a result of relationships with 

PESC and ARUCC, both Signatories and Contributing Participants to the Groningen Declaration Network 


 Promotes and preserves the concept of "one standard" , 

the primary principal for true global interoperability 


Canadian PESC User Group | The Authoritative Group within PESC to Represent Canadian Interests

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 The Canadian presence and influence within PESC has existed since the very formation of PESC.  As Canadian students cross provincial and international borders to attain their education, the need for institutions, software providers and systems vendors that support Canadian and international markets to ensure mobility and interoperability has never been greater.

The formation of the Canadian PESC User Group (CanPESC) in 2011 solidified the importance of Canada’s role within PESC and drew together many Canadians from across the country to work towards a common goal. Its main mission is twofold:

To encourage participation in PESC workgroups developing PESC APPROVED STANDARDS

To promote and educate Canadian stakeholders on the importance of data standards and interoperability,

thereby avoiding duplication of efforts, costs and of data standards.

As the voice and official committee representing Canadian interests, CanPESC also serves in a liaison role. It coordinates and communicates its efforts across all provinces and territories, and works closely with Canadian organizations such as the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC).


In 1999for PESC’s 1st Annual Best Practices Competition, the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) was awarded 1st PLACE for its submission, “Ontario Universities Electronic Transcript System (OUETS): A Model of an Electronic Standardization Initiative."

In 2007, for PESC’s 10th Year Anniversary, the PESC Fall 2007 Data Summit was held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Montreal.

In 2011, at the PESC Fall 2011 Data Summit held October 26, 2011 in San Francisco, PESC launched the Canadian PESC User Group.

In 2012, for PESC’s 14th Annual Best Practices Competition, OCAS was awarded 1st PLACE for its submission, “OCAS XML Transcript Initiative.”

In 2012, for PESC’s 15th Year Anniversary Year, the PESC Fall 2012 Data Summit was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver.

From 2013-2015, OCAS' William McKee served on the PESC Board of Directors,

In 2013, through establishment of CanPESC, PESC entered into a formal MOU with ARUCC, allowing ARUCC and PESC to attend each other’s events without charge, thereby fostering a closer working relationship. 

In 2013and 2016, OUAC's Doug Holmes and OUAC's Leisa Wellsman, respectively, were recognized with PESC’s Distinguished Service Award.

In 2017, for PESC's 20th Year Anniversary, the PESC Fall 2017 Data Summit "Advancing Student Mobility in a Digital World" was held at the Radisson Waterfront Hotel in Toronto.

In 2018, CanPESC Co-Chairs Cathy van Soest and Doug Holmes were appointed to the ARUCC/GDN & Student Mobility Project Steering Committee; and PESC President & CEO Michael Sessa was appointed to the ARUCC/GDN & Student Mobility Project Technical Advisory Committee.

In 2018, at the PESC Fall 2018 Data Summit in San Francisco, Charmaine Hack, ARUCC Past-President and Chair of the ARUCC/GDN & Student Mobility Project, served as Keynote Speaker.

In 2018/2019, for PESC's 20th Annual Best Practices Competition,  the Nova Scotia Council on Admission & Transfer (NSCAT) was awarded 1st PLACE for its submission, "MyTranscripts | Nova Scotia's Electronic Transcript & Data Exchange System."

In 2019, EducationPlannerBC's's Cathy van Soest was recognized with PESC’s Distinguished Service Award.

In 2019, in support of a new collaborative arrangement, the Fall 2019 Data Summit was held in Montreal at Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel in Partnership with the Groningen Declaration Network. PESC's Summit hosted the Board of Directors of the Groningen Declaration Network, the Board of Directors of PESC, a day-long meeting of CanPESC at McGill University, the AACRAO SPEEDE Committee, a silent auction benefiting Indspire, and a day-long Retreat of the ARUCC/GDN & Student Mobility Project, in addition to General (Plenary) and Breakout Sessions.

In 2020, Joanne Duklas of Duklas Cornerstone Consulting was recognized with PESC's Distinguished Service Award.



Map of Canada with Capital Ottawa and Provinces | Canadian PESC User Group | The Authoritative Group within PESC to Represent Canadian Interests
Canadian PESC User Group | The Authoritative Group within PESC to Represent Canadian Interests



CanPESC is the Canadian Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (CanPESC) User Group -- an open, collaborative permanent group of volunteer stakeholders within PESC that serves as a clearinghouse for discussion and new ideas, a coordinator to help support electronic initiatives with several liaison roles established, and as a unifier in the mission toward digitalization of educational records.

CanPESC focuses on interoperability, enhanced service and delivery, reduced cost, and improved data quality using PESC standards.  CanPESC communicates these benefits for Canada’s students, institutions and Canadian-based educational stakeholders by raising awareness of the importance of standardization and interoperability.

CanPESC has participation throughout almost every province and territory in Canada from provincial application centres, leading universities and colleges, and service providers.


CanPESC officially launched as a User Group at the Fall 2011 Data Summit in San Francisco to formally and permanently institutionalize the Canadian voice within PESC.  The role and influence of Canada has been a major part of PESC since its founding. Canadian representatives have served on the Board of Directors, received Distinguished Service Awards, chaired groups and committees, won Best Practices Competitions, and PESC has held Summits in Montreal, Toronto & Vancouver.  The first deliverable of the Canadian PESC User Group was to introduce PESC at the ARUCC Conference June 2012 in Ottawa.



CanPESC includes participation throughout almost every province & territory in Canada.  All of the major application centres, leading universities and colleges, and service providers and vendors are active in the User Group.


CanPESC focuses on interoperability, enhanced service and delivery, reduced cost, and improved data quality.  CanPESC ensures these benefits for Canada’s students and institutions by raising awareness of the importance of standardization and interoperability.


CanPESC is a permanent group within PESC, ultimately governed by the PESC Board of Directors.  CanPESC encourages active participation and diverse membership across Canada. It is semi-autonomous, reporting directly to the PESC Board of Director and is responsible for its overall activities, communications, meetings, and outreach. CanPESC Co-Chairs are from PESC Member organizations and appointed by the PESC Board of Directors.


CanPESC is participating and cooperating in several initiatives:  

1) Continuation of the work started by the ARUCC Groningen and Student Mobility Task Force formed in 2014 to focus on advancing student mobility through data exchange.  

2) Serving as advisors and Working Group members on the ARUCC-PCCAT Transcript and Transfer Guide launched in early 2016.  

3) Conducting and analyzing national surveys of postsecondary institutions, application centres, and provincial ministries of education and advanced education.  

​4) Supporting PESC's meetings and events and serving on the Planning and/or Steering Committees, when needed.


CanPESC is an open, transparent and collaborative committee seeking broad participation and is therefore open to all Canadian stakeholders free of charge.



CanPESC User Group meetings are open to higher education stakeholders and those with stakeholder interests in Canadian education.  Join the User Group calls held every month on the 2nd Thursdays at 12 noon EST.

​​Canadian PESC User Group

CanPESC User Group

CanPESC Meeting at OUAC. Nov 16-17, 2018


is the authoritative group

within PESC to represent

Canadian interests.


is an open, collaborative group

of volunteer stakeholders ensuring 

PESC's Mission, PESC Approved Standards, 

Technology and Services support and

incorporate the needs and interests of 

Canadian students, institutions

and stakeholders.