Inspiring Digitalization and Mobility
Across Education and Employment​



"Creating Next Generation Mobility:  Exploring the Possible"

Charmaine Hack

Chair, ARUCC Groningen & Student Mobility Steering Committee;

Past-President, ARUCC; Registrar, Ryerson University

Today’s learners face many barriers when moving between institutions despite the existence of enabling technology and dedicated effort. Join Charmaine Hack, a university registrar and past-president of the Canadian registrars’ association, to learn about ARUCC’s national data exchange project, an initiative focused on creating a new approach for student data transfer. Charmaine will share lessons learned and the approach used in Canada to bring together 13 different provinces and territories to solve the challenges of national and international student mobility. Her remarks will include an overview of the project and planned next steps. 


“Expanding Credential Transparency & Interoperability: 

How the Credential Registry Is Growing”
Scott Cheney, Executive Director, Credential Engine
Jeff Grann, Credentials Solutions Lead, Credential Engine

Use and applicability of Credential Engine’s Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) continues to grow; supporting new "career pathway" descriptors, competency frameworks, and quality assurance actions. This session contextualizes these CTDL updates within states and educational systems. We also share plans for harmonizing data specifications across the ecosystem and promising collaborations with industry sectors and government agencies.


“Driving Student Success Through an Empowered Campus”

Josh Dietrich

Vice President, Product Management, ellucian

Today’s campuses are like cities with dozens of departments, hundreds of applications, and thousands of people all producing vast amounts of data.  While institutions strive to create programs that drive student success, they are hampered by siloed data, brittle integrations and costly maintenance cycles.  Hear how Ellucian is leveraging innovative technology to create an empowered campus through a data model and integration strategy purpose-built for higher education. 


"Disruptive Forces and New Technology: How do you decide?"
Nicole Engelbert

Vice President, Higher Education Development, Oracle

The education and research industry faces unprecedented disruption. Disruption that presents significant challenges but also opportunities. From decreased funding sources, to rising student expectations, globalization, and much more.  Technology offers compelling options that could help institutions address these challenges and opportunities. But its applications needs to be considered carefully and strategically. Immediately jumping to the latest shiny-object that appears on the market, will often not bode well.  This presentation will outline some of the disruptions, some of the latest technology and some considerations for institutions to pick a strategic path through the options available.


“Breaking Barriers and Advancing Postsecondary Credentials”

Jenifer Kautzman

Associate Director, American Council on Education

Translating learning between industries and education is a major challenge facing the nation in our effort to support students and remain relevant in the global workforce and economy. The American Council on Education, with support from Lumina Foundation and in partnership with Credly, have worked to combine our expertise with the emerging needs of adult learners to develop a dual academic and workforce-relevant transcript. These enhanced transcripts will provide a learner-centered approach to documenting attainment of academic credit, competencies, and skills. In this session, you will learn about our journey to define and create transparent credentials, process innovations and technology solutions leveraged to meet unique challenges, and discuss best practices for development of competency-based education models.


“The Future of the Academic Record and How Technology,

AACRAO, and All of Us Are Intertwined”
Mark McConahay
Associate Vice Provost and Registrar, Indiana University
Vice President of Information Technology, AACRAO Board of Directors

Technology has the potential to, and is fundamentally changing, the capability of the academic record to carry and communicate student learning and achievement.  In fact, technology, trends in both the higher educational and professional training space, increased public accountability, labor market needs and the “Netflixification” of instruction are forcing a reexamination of the fundamental nature of our credentials and the records that support them.  This session will lay a foundation describing the space and the role AACRAO (and others) may have in providing some direction and administrative governance in the future.           


“Enabling Next Generation Education Infrastructure”
Dale Allen

President and Co-Founder, DXtera Institute

Learn how the DXtera Institute, its members and affiliates are leading a movement towards next generation enterprise software. Our vision is characterized by a general departure from traditional, monolithic systems towards ecosystems of educational applications and enterprise infrastructure services that allow for a broadening marketplace of solutions and increased consumer choice.  DXtera is a growing nonprofit, member-based consortium of higher education professionals collaborating to remove technology barriers so that institution leaders, faculty, staff, and students have more complete, real-time information for transforming student outcomes.


“International Credential Evaluation: Why it matters and

Its Role in the Data Ecosystem?”
Margit A. Schatzman
Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.

In an era of tension related to foreigners, immigration and refugees, what is the relevance of international credential evaluation in higher education?  This presentation will introduce the role of credential evaluation, provide an overview of the process, how the work effort and analysis are completed and current & future challenges.  The impact of emerging technologies and changes in practices will also be examined.  How do credential evaluators relate to stakeholders in the PESC Community, Membership and attendees of the Summit?  Discussion will conclude with what’s next on the horizon for this little understood, minimally regulated and disproportionately important profession.

At the PESC Fall 2018 Data Summit in San Francisco, we’re

Inspiring Digitalization and Mobility

Across Education and Employment!

​In the Fall of 2016 in San Diego,

PESC resources combined under the Academic Credentialing & Experiential Learning Task Force to produce the Common Credential for Certificates,  Degrees & Diplomas in record time, in use at Stanford University.

For Spring of 2017 in DC,

PESC looked externally in producing “Empowering the Mobility of Digital Academic Credentials,” showcasing external projects, resources and speakers (e.g. Credential Engine, etc.) and exemplifying the value and need for engagement of all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Fall 2017 took PESC to Toronto

for its 20th Anniversary  to invigorate mobility & collaboration

across Canada, one of the largest users of all PESC Approved Standards,

and highlight the valuable partnership with ARUCC.

 At the recent Spring 2018 Best Practices

Data Summit in Washington, D.C.,

PESC convened thought-leaders and experts across policy, practice and technology, featuring key speakers from the T3 Innovation Network of the

US Chamber of Commerce Foundation and Lumina Foundation,

in support of the employment sector emerging on the demand side

of a ‘supply-demand’ model.

 Now at the Fall 2018 Data Summit in San Francisco,

we’re focusing on those who interact with students directly: 

Registrars, SIS Vendors, Application Centers and Credential Evaluators. 

While no unified solution has yet to emerge, many have new, innovative ideas.  Sharing those ideas, educating others, encouraging pilots and experimentation are critical to enabling the right solution to emerge and be adopted.

Data systems only do what you ask them to do. 

 Are you asking the right questions?

With PESC’s mission of fostering open, transparent collaboration across educational communities,  attendees of

PESC’s Fall  2018 Data Summit can expect:

  • To learn about emerging initiatives & be provided with a tremendous amount of resources

  • To be connected through PESC to a growing global community

  • To hear about new opportunities, pilot projects & demonstrations

  • To participate in discussions with leaders of emerging initiatives



Fall 2017 Data Summit | Toronto

Thank You Attendees, Speakers & Sponsors for a successful Summit!

Please stay tuned for future announcements regarding development work on JSON-LD and formation of the Data Privacy & Protection Task Force.


SSpring 2018 Data Summit | Washington DC

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Fall  2018 Data Summit

October 17 - 19, 2018 | San Francisco




OCTOBER 17 - 19, 2018


The PESC Membership and the General Public

are welcome and encouraged to register and attend! 

The PESC FALL 2018 DATA SUMMIT will be held Wednesday October 17 - 19, 2018 in San Francisco.  Beginning at 7:30am on October 17, 2018 with continental breakfast, registration and a 1st Time Attendee Meet & Greet Session, the FALL 2018 DATA SUMMIT includes PESCs Annual Membership Meeting, Annual Fall Reception and concludes by noon on Friday October 19, 2018.


The PESC FALL 2018 DATA SUMMIT includes a range of topics all targeting: access, integration and implementation of data systems; maintenance and promotion of data exchange standards; open, community-driven development and innovation of technology; data privacy, data quality, data management, and data collection & reporting; mobility and overall interoperability; & other key factors that drive global education data systems development and technology.

PESC and ITS MEMBERS lead open, transparent, collaborative development across P20W Education. Supporting this mission are PESC partners AACRAO, APEREO, ARUCC, A4L, EMREX, Erasmus Without Paper, Groningen Declaration Network, HR Open Standards, Internet2, SHEEO & US Department of Education's CEDS - Common Education Data Standards Initiative.  

PESC is sponsored:  Annual Diamond Sponsors: Credentials Solutions, National Student Clearinghouse, Oracle and Parchment; Annual Silver Sponsor Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE).


​To register for the Fall 2018 Data Summit, please click REGISTER ONLINE and complete the registration process online.  Registration fees are listed below.

*NOTE  For institutions, institutional systems and institutional consortia, PESC offers a '2 for 1' discounted rate, meaning two from the same institution, system or consortia are eligible to register at the price of one.  For more information on '2 for 1', please contact the PESC office.

EARLY BIRD (by September 28, 2018)


     $975 (US)

     PESC Member

     $850 (US)

GENERAL (after September 28, 2018)


     $1,225 (US)

     PESC Member
     $995 (US)

All General and Breakout Sessions and events are open to all registered attendees.  Transparent collaboration, engaging discussions, awareness of technical resources and best practices, identification of emerging technologies, professional networking and new business contacts, and tips from experts of leading community organizations can be expected.

Note that General (Plenary) Sessions are presented in typical conference format in which featured speakers present on a certain topic followed by brief Q & A; while Breakout Sessions follow a more informal workshop format in which group members roll up their sleeves, discuss and interact in more detail in order to advance the group activities and maximize in-person convening time.



Sheraton Fishermans' Wharf Hotel - SOLD OUT

2500 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA  94133
United States 


Deadline for Discounted Rate:

September 21, 2018

Group Rate Discount:

$219 (US) per night single/double

Group Name:


Dress Code:

Business casual


Cancellation and refund requests must be made in writing (e.g. email) and will be processed 30 days after the FALL 2018 DATA SUMMIT concludes. Any person who registers and decides not to attend MUST send a formal cancellation request - otherwise payment is due. Requests made by September 21, 2018 may be considered for a refund upon request. Any request made after September 21, 2018 is not eligible for a refund regardless of the attendance of the registrant. Refund and/or cancellation requests must be submitted to:

Jennifer Kim
Membership Services Director
1250 Connecticut Ave, NW
Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036

Requests may also be sent by email to


PESC requires that all speakers, moderators, chairs & attendees of Data Summits register and remit registration fees to attend Data Summits. PESC thanks all speakers and is grateful for their efforts in volunteering to provide updates and presentations. Only in rare instances, however (that is if a speaker is only attending a Data Summit for a specific session or presentation), can registration fees be waived and only by the PESC office.

Who's attending the PESC Fall 2018 Data Summit?

Representatives from the following organizations are attending

the Fall 2018 Data Summit:  



American Council on Education (ACE)


Bardic Systems

British Columbia Ministry of Education

California Community Colleges

Campus Manitoba


Common Application

Credential Engine


Digital Architecture

Digitary Australia

DXtera Institute

Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE)


Florida International University

Great Lakes Higher Education

Indiana Commission for HigherEducation

Indiana University

National Student Clearinghouse*

Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC)



Ryerson University

San Francisco State University

Sigma Systems

Stanford University

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Phoenix

University of Pittsburgh

University of Southern California

US Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Viridis Learning

Western Governors University


PESC Member​
*PESC Diamond Sponsor