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PESC JSON Transcript Standards Development Workgroup


JSON-LD Transcript Workgroup

Javascript Object Notation for Linked Data

JSON Transcript Workgroup

was founded

January 27, 2021. 


and Letter of Intent

Introduction, Overview & Agenda

for JSON Transcript Workgroup

January 27, 2021

1st Meeting Presentation

PESC Approved Compliant

JSON v 1.0 Standard

released March 8, 2019

Producing JSON Schema

from XML Schema

JSON Transcript Workgroup


Rick Skeel

Product Manager, Ellucian

Mark Cohen

Product Manager

California Community Colleges

Technology Center



Every Other Wednesday

12 pm EDT

JSON Transcript Workgroup

​​What is the JSON Transcript Workgroup? 

The Workgroup is a formal Group of PESC whose charge is to propose a candidate standard for review and approval as a PESC Approved Standard, as requested by PESC Members through a Letter of Intent, and following PESC’s Policies and Procedures Manual for Standards Development, Approval and Maintenance.  Once ratified and approved as a PESC Approved Standard, the Workgroup disbands.

How did the JSON Transcript Workgroup start? 

The Workgroup began through a request from PESC Members submitted through a Letter of Intent.  The Letter of Intent is a pledge for the Workgroup to operate openly and transparently in line with the mission and goals of PESC.

​Who is involved with the JSON Transcript Workgroup?

Participation in the Workgroup is free and open to education stakeholders, while decision-making and voting on any issue for which consensus cannot be reached will be limited to PESC Members.  Participants range from universities, colleges, vendors, states, provinces, government agencies, PESC Partners, PESC Sponsors, foundations and additional standards bodies.  For a current list of participants, please visit

What are the benefits of the JSON Transcript Workgroup?

The vision for the Workgroup is to provide the most usable, most implementable, most interoperable version of the High School and College Transcript in JSON technology.  Adding the JSON Transcript to PESC’s portfolio of PESC Approved Standards begins PESC’s expansion and technology base to include JSON, joining EDI, PDF and XML.  The Workgroup looks to garner the best ideas during development from across all education, lifelong learning, employment and training while ensuring alignment with other initiatives and other standards – all in support of learner-centric, lifelong learning.

How is the JSON Transcript Workgroup governed?

The Workgroup, like all PESC Workgroups, is lead by PESC Members serving as Chairs/Co-Chairs who report into the Standards Forum for Education, which in turn reports directly to the PESC Board of Directors.  Participation in the Workgroup is free and open to education stakeholders that agree to PESC’s Policies and Procedures for Standards Development, Approval and Maintenance.  The Workgroup operates openly, transparently, in adherence with Roberts Rules of Order with the goal to achieve consensus.  Should consensus not be achievable and decision-making or voting be needed, voting in the Workgroup is limited to PESC Members.

What is the current status of the JSON Transcript Workgroup?

The 1st meeting of the Workgroup is Wednesday January 27, 2021.  A meeting schedule and progress report will follow.

What does it cost to join the JSON Transcript Workgroup?

The Workgroup is an open, transparent and collaborative development group seeking broad participation and is therefore open to all institutions, service providers, vendors, organizations and all stakeholders with an interest in High School and College Transcripts; participation in the Workgroup is free of charge.

How do I get involved with the JSON Transcript Workgroup?

Please join the Workgroup by signing up at or emailing 

​​​​JSON-LD Transcript Workgroup

an open, collaborative group focused on establishment, adoption & implementation of a PESC Approved Transcript Standard

in JSON Technology that can be used by institutions, state and provincial educational systems, employers, students, learners, vendors, service providers, federal agencies and all stakeholders in lifelong learning

to facilitate the exchange of transcript data.

PESC | JSON-LD TASK FORCE | A partnership between PESC & Credential Engine to coordinate JSON-LD development across education and employment. Participation in the JSON-LD Task Force is free and open to education stakeholders. Please join us!