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MARCH 7, 2024
ACAT Secretariat/Learner Pathways of Alberta Advanced Education Joins PESC

OCTOBER 10, 2023
Karen McCredie Appointed to PESC Board of Directors

​AUGUST 3, 2023
After 20+ Years of Service, PESC Bids a Fond Farewell to Michael Sessa

​AUGUST 1, 2023
Advancing Education Through Digital Transformation: A4L and PESC Collaborating for Success

OCTOBER 7, 2022

What is CEDS and How Can Universities Use It - Interview with Ross Santy, Associate Commissioner, Administrative Data Division, National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education; and Michael Sessa, PESC President & CEO. EdTech Magazine 

SEPTEMBER 22, 2022

PESC Distinguished Service Awards for 2022:  Kristi Blabaum, Doug Falk, Doug Holmes, Susan McCrackin, David K. Moldoff, Michael D. Morris, Rick Skeel, Francisco Valines & Jennifer Kim Honored with Outstanding Service Awards 2022 

AUGUST 4, 2022

Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) Awarded 1st Place in 23rd Best Practices Competition for Operational Privacy

JULY 28, 2022

PESC Board of Directors & Officers for FY2023 Announced!

MAY 23, 2022

Digital Credential Providers Hub of TAICEP Awarded 1st Place in 23rd Best Practices Competition for Credential Evaluation

APRIL 26, 2022

PESC Launches Gender Identity in Data Systems & Lifelong Learning Task Force - A Six Part Discussion & Education Forum on Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sexual Orientation

MARCH 28, 2022

PESC Announces 25th Year Anniversary - Innovation & Collaboration for the Greater Common Good Remain Core Values

MARCH 8, 2022

AACRAO's Melanie Gottlieb Announced as Keynote Speaker for PESC April 2022 Data Summit "Implementing Success" for April 25, 2022

FEBRUARY 22, 2022

AACRAO & Ellucian Honored with Founder Awards at PESC's 25th Anniversary in 2022

OCTOBER 19, 2021

PESC Distinguished Service Awards for 2021:

Charmaine Hack and Romesh Vadivel Honoured with Distinguished Service Awards

SEPTEMBER 23, 2021

GDN T.R.U.S.T. Hub, EMREX, MyCreds | MesCertif Awarded 1st Place in 22nd Best Practices Competition

DECEMBER 3, 2020

PESC Distinguished Service Awards for 2020: DCC’s Joanne Duklas, Bardic System’s Alex Jackl, AACRAO’s Mike Reilly and Parchment’s Jason Weaver Honored with Distinguished Service Awards 2020​

APRIL 27, 2020

HR Open Standards Awarded 1st Place in 21st Best Practices for "Recruiting Specification"

MARCH 9, 2020

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USCCF's T3 Innovation Network Releases: "Public-Private Standards Development & Use by Government for the Talent Marketplace"

White House Releases "ILR - Interoperable Learning Records Landscape Inventory": ​Staff at the White House compiled this inventory to provide insight into the current landscape of interoperable learning records (ILRs) as of November 2019 (with no intention to update the inventory for subsequent periods).

NOVEMBER 26, 2019

A4L Community Announces New Partnership with HR Open Standards & Continued PESC Alignment​

OCTOBER 17, 2019

HR Open Standards Announces Partnership with Access for Learning, PESC, US Chamber Foundation and other Organizations


US White House Issues: "White Paper on Interoperable Learning Records (ILR)" - Data Transparency Working Group, American Workforce Policy Advisory Board


PESC Distinguished Service Awards 2019Digitary’s Simone Ravaioli, EducationPlannerBC’s Cathy van Soest, GDN’s Herman de Leeuw, The University of Phoenix’s Monterey Sims Honored with PESC Distinguished Services Awards

JULY 26, 2019

PESC Global Education Organization (GEO) Code Featured in The PIE News

JULY 14, 2019

PESC & AACRAO SPEEDE The Next Big Jump in Technology & Standards Featured in AACRAO Connect

MAY 13, 2019

Parchment Announces Support for PESC GEO Code

MAY 3, 2019

The Nova Scotia Council on Admission & Transfer (NSCAT) Awarded 1st Place Winner in PESC's 20th Year Anniversary Best Practices Competition for MyTranscripts | Nova Scotia's Electronic Transcript & Data Exchange System

MARCH 8, 2019

PESC Compliant JSON v 1.0 and XML Request & Response v 1.0 Released as PESC Approved Standards

MARCH 7, 2019

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Joins PESC as Member

AUGUST 8, 2018

Standards Bodies United: The Open Standards Network For Lifelong Learning | A PESC Proposal to Enable Harmonization Across Education and Employment to Streamline Future Development, Approval and Maintenance of Open Data Standards, Resources and Tools

JUNE 5, 2018

PESC Presentation to ARUCC on EdExchange

APRIL 30, 2018

Indiana Commission for Higher Education (ICHE) Wins 1st Place in PESC 19th Annual Best Practices Competition 2018 for One State, Two Initiatives:  Indiana's Embrace of e-Transcripts and Credential Engine

APRIL 3, 2018

T3 Innovation Network: US Chamber of Commerce Foundation & Lumina Foundation Join Forces: Exploring Web 3.0 Technology Applications in the Talent Marketplace - Featured Panel at Spring 2018 Data Summit​

FEBRUARY 28, 2018
PESC Meets ORA & Signs Bologna Open Recognition Declaration

FEBRUARY 13, 2018

Access 4 Learning and PESC Join Forces on JSON Strategy

JANUARY 16, 2018
INTEROP2018 | Coordinating PESC Services & Technology | San Francisco

SEPTEMBER 19, 2017

ARUCC Honored with PESC 20th Year Anniversary Distinguished Service Award

AUGUST 14, 2017

HR Open Standards & PESC Form Historic Partnership to Advance Interoperability Across Education & HR Sectors 

​​​​​​APRIL 17, 2017

iQ4 & National Student Clearinghouse Win 1st Place in PESC 18th Annual Best Practices Competition

MARCH 31, 2017

Common XML Credential for Certificates, Degrees & Diplomas v 1.0 Ratified as PESC Approved Standard

FEBRUARY 14, 2017
PESC To Launch Task Force on JSON Technology