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Welcome - PESC October 2023 Data Summit


Join us!



Join us!


November 2023 Data Summit


News & Info

>> Conference Hotel

>> What's included in Registration?

>> Program Committee​

>>  Breakouts

>> 24th Annual Best Practices Competition

>> New Sponsorship Opportunities

>> Registration Cancellation Policy
All cancellation & refund requests must be submitted to PESC in writing (e.g. email) and will be processed 30 calendar days after the October 2022 Data Summit concludes.  Any person who registers and decides not to attend MUST submit a formal cancellation request - otherwise full payment is due.  Cancellation & refund requests made by Friday October 7, 2022 may be considered for a refund upon request.  Any cancellation & refund request made after October 7, 2022 is not eligible for a refund regardless of the attendance of the registrant.  All cancellation & refund requests must be submitted to:  Jennifer Kim, Membership Services Director, PESC, 1250 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC, 20036.  Cancellation & refund requests may also be sent to

>> Registration Policy
PESC requires that all speakers, moderators, chairs & attendees of April & October Data Summits register and remit registration fees to attend Data Summits.  PESC thanks all speakers, moderators & chairs and is truly grateful for their efforts in volunteering to provide updates and presentations at April & October Data Summits.  Only in rare instances, however (that is if a speaker is only attending a Data Summit for a specific session or presentation), can registration fees be considered for waiver and only by the PESC office.​​

>> Notice of Filming & Recording
By participating in this event, you agree that you may be photographed, filmed and recorded, and you grant PESC and our affiliates the right to use, publish, and copyright your picture, likeness and/or name and/or audio recording in videos and/or photos taken during this event for use by PESC and our affiliates throughout the world, in perpetuity, and through media.​​



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​The PESC Membership and the General Public

are welcome and encouraged to register and attend

PESC's November 2023 Data Summit!



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Welcome - PESC October 2023 Data Summit
PESC October 2023 Data Summit
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