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New April 2, 2014
ACRP Webinar: Driving College and Career Readiness with PESC ePortfolio Technical Standards

New April 1, 2014
Student Loan Service Providers Upgrade Portfolio Reporting Standard - Version 2.0 Released

New March 26, 2014
Public Comment Requested on Version 1.0: Education Course Inventory (Catalog)

New March 6, 2014
Public Comment Requested on Version 2.0: Leading Service Providers Upgrade Student Lona Portfolio Detail Reporting Standard with New Codes and Features

NewsJanuary 29, 2014
PESC Announces 15th Annual Best Practices Competition

NewsSeptember 26, 2013
College Board's Susan McCrackin and SHEEO's Hans L'Orange Honored with Distinguished Service Awards

NewsJune 24, 2013
OCAS Awarded 1st Place in PESC Best Practices for 2012

NewsMay 15, 2013
ARUCC and PESC Partner to Advance Higher Education

NewsApril 11, 2013
High School and College Transcripts...What Everyone's Talking About

NewsApril 2, 2013
Student Loan Portfolio Detail Report Approved as PESC Approved Standard

NewsFebruary 12, 2013
PESC Launches I ♥ DATA Campaign

NewsFebruary 1, 2013
SHEEO President Paul E. Lingenfelter, Ph.D. to Keynote PESC Spring 2013 Data Summit




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