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Washington, D.C. - March 7, 2024 The Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC) is pleased to announce the addition of Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer (ACAT) Secretariat/Learner Pathways as the latest Member of PESC.

Ann Marie Lyseng, Senior Manager of ACAT Secretariat/Learner Pathways, stated, “Membership in PESC facilitates jurisdictional collaboration for electronic data standards, which supports learner mobility and pathways. Our team looks forward to continued dialogue and increased communication with the PESC community.”

Additionally, Ann Marie Lyseng has been selected as a co-chair of the PESC GEO Code User Group. She will be leading this effort alongside current co-chairs, Matt Bemis, Associate Registrar of the University of Southern California (USC), and Carollin Ho, Business Intelligence Architect of Humber College.

"PESC Membership allows Canadian organizations like ACAT to participate in shaping standards that streamline student experiences across provinces," said Ruth Blades, PESC Board Secretary and Executive Director of CATNS-CATNÉ. "We're thrilled to welcome ACAT and Ann Marie's expertise to the GEO Code User Group, further solidifying PESC's commitment to supporting seamless learner mobility in Canada."

​ABOUT ACAT Secretariat/Learner Pathways, Alberta Advanced Education:

The ACAT Secretariat/Learner Pathways is a team of government employees in Alberta Advanced Education that provides operational leadership for the Alberta Transfer System and post-secondary learner pathways, and supports and administers the work of ACAT.

The Secretariat works collaboratively with post-secondary institutions/stakeholders and government in Alberta and Canada to provide Alberta Transfer System and learner pathways operational leadership, oversight, and support for post-secondary learner pathways, mobility, and formal and informal recognition of prior learning, with a focus on learners, admissions, and transfer. For more information, please visit


PESC Members come together to identify, research, develop and promote the adoption of interoperable data standards and methods across the postsecondary education P20W Ecosystem.

Our work includes the development and reuse of common data schemas leveraging XML, EDI, JSON and JSON-LD.

PESC advocates for the widespread adoption of automated connections that enhance data efficiency. These connections ensure secure and repeatable interchange across specialized administrative, financial, and academic domains.

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ACAT Secretariat/Learner Pathways of Alberta Advanced Education Joins PESC

Ann Marie Lyseng Selected as GEO Code User Group Co-Chair

Press Release - March 7th, 2024