​​​Join us and celebrate

PESC’s 25th Year Anniversary in 2022!

Hundreds of millions of students throughout the United States of America, Canada, and around the world have been supported by PESC Approved Standards since that time. 

We documented the overall process of standards development, approval and maintenance, and published PESC Approved Standards for Academic Credentials, Admissions, Course Inventory, ePortfolio, High School Transcript, Test Scores and Financial Aid (grants & loans).

From British Columbia to Nova Scotia, to National Student Clearinghouse and Parchment (among many others), to Stanford University and all of the California Community Colleges, PESC is fulfilling its mission of fostering open, transparent collaboration; solving common, industry-shared problems; and bringing much needed clarity and cohesion to the education ecosystem.

Built by Members, PESC Approved Standards are solid, proven and implemented across almost every state in the US and province in Canada.  PESC events and summits at which top leaders, best practices & emerging technologies are highlighted and featured, have been held annually since the beginning. 

Join us at the April 2022 Data Summit

in Washington, D.C., register today

with Early Bird rates and join us 

for a very special in-person convening

to celebrate PESC’s 25th Year Anniversary!

Data Summits are unique convenings

at which emerging topics, technologies

& policy initiatives are highlighted. 

Topics and discussion focus on national and international implementation, cost/benefit analysis, student and learner behavior, use/business cases, & institutional performance.

We are pleased to offer attendees a discounted hotel rate of $279 (available through March 28, 2022) as PESC returns to the beautiful and centrally-located Dupont Circle Hotel. 

What’s Included in Registration Fees:

> 25th Anniversary Reception

> Awards Ceremony and Luncheon

> Continental breakfast on 3 mornings

> Coffee breaks with sweets & treats on 2 afternoons

> Coffee breaks on 3 mornings

>> Program Committee

PESC is pleased to announce Ruth Blades, Executive Director of Council on Admission & Transfer for Nova Scotia, and Monterey Sims, Director of Admissions & Evaluation at University of Phoenix (both serving on the PESC Board of Directors ) as Co-Chairs of the Program Committee for the April 2022 Data Summit.  Joining the Committee are Karen McCredie, Executive Director of EducationPlannerBC and Jennifer Kim, PESC Memberships Services Director.

>> Recognizing Two Founding PESC Members

PESC honors two Founding Member Organizations – AACRAO Ellucian– that have maintained consistent PESC Membership and representation on the PESC Board of Directors since the beginning. 

> Read more here.

>> Melanie Gottlieb, AACRAO Executive Director to Keynote

PESC is pleased to announce Melanie Gottlieb, AACRAO Executive Director, as Keynote Speaker!  Melanie will present "Implementing Success," and will mark PESC's 25th Year Anniversary.

> Read more here.

>> Commemorating with PESC VIPs

Long-time PESC Members and standards champions, including AcademyOne, CATNS, Florida International University, National Student Clearinghouse, Oracle, OUAC, Parchment, University of Phoenix, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation will join AACRAO and Ellucian to reflect on PESC’s 25th Year Anniversary and share their personal thoughts.

>> 23rd Annual Best Practices Competition

PESC’s 23rd Annual Best Practices Competition is now open for entries and submissions.  The deadline is April 1, 2022 and 1st Place Awards are made on the opening day of the Data Summit, Monday April 25, 2022.  

Read more here.

>> New Sponsorship Opportunities

With PESC celebrating its 25th Year Anniversary in 2022, we’ve developed new Sponsorship Opportunities for Annual Sponsorship and Data Summit Sponsorship. 

> Read more here. 

>> Your Health & Safety – Our #1 Concern
PESC’s return to Washington, D.C. and the April 2022 Data Summit is fast approaching!  We are excited to be meeting in-person again and thrilled with the lineup of Featured Speakers and sessions!

Your health and safety remain our top priorities so we’re providing detailed information about Washington, D.C., the Dupont Circle Hotel and what to expect for the April 2022 Data Summit.

  • With improvements in the overall COVID-19 Pandemic being reached, all mask and proof of vaccination mandates have been discontinued in Washington, D.C.  See the Washingtonian for a recent article (https://www.washingtonian.com/2022/02/14/dc-is-ending-its-vaccination-and-mask-mandates/).

  • Masks may still be required on airline flights and on certain public transportation, so we recommend always having a mask on-hand.

  • The Dupont Circle Hotel has published extensive information on health and sanitization, including what to expect on arrival, during your stay, overall hotel cleanliness and hygiene protocols for guests and staff, and logistics for meetings & events.  See the Dupont Circle Hotel for all information (Dupont Circle Hotel - Rest Assured Program).

  • There are no special health requirements for registering and attending the April 2022 Data Summit.  Attendees will not be required to provide proof of vaccination status or to wear masks, though wearing masks in and during sessions is optional.

  • PESC and hotel staff will be on-site and available 24/7 for any concerns.

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​​April 2022 Data Summit

April 25-27, 2022 | Washington, D.C.

PESC April 2022 Data Summit | April 25-27, 2022 | Washington DC, Dupont Circle Hotel | A Time for Reflection - A Time to Be Bold | Celebrating PESC's 25th Year Anniversary in 2002!
PESC April 2022 Data Summit | April 25-27, 2022 | Washington DC, Dupont Circle Hotel | A Time for Reflection - A Time to Be Bold | Celebrating PESC's 25th Year Anniversary in 2002!
PESC April 2022 Data Summit - Dupont Circle Hotel - Health & COVID Protocols
PESC April 2022 Data Summit | April 25-27, 2022 | Washington DC, Dupont Circle Hotel | A Time for Reflection - A Time to Be Bold | Celebrating PESC's 25th Year Anniversary in 2002!
PESC April 2022 Data Summit | April 25-27, 2022 | Washington DC, Dupont Circle Hotel | A Time for Reflection - A Time to Be Bold | Celebrating PESC's 25th Year Anniversary in 2002!
PESC Gender Identity in Data Systems & Lifelong Learning Task Force | Gender Identity, Gender Expression & Sexual Orientation

PESC April 2022 Data Summit

A Time To Reflect

It all started in 1990 with one standard – the transcript. 

At that time organizations and leaders across higher education, PK12, technology and government worked together for years to develop and release the first digital format for the machine-to-machine exchange of student data as a public standard.

The transcript standard has been enhanced many times since with updated versions and standardized options available in PDF, XML (and soon to be JSON) in addition to the existing EDI one. 

The process of collaboration, the level of detail needed within technical documentation, the talent and expertise gathered under a common mission, combined with an open, transparent and neutral environment, served as the ingredients for successful publication of standards when PESC was founded in 1997.

A Time to be Bold

Mobility alone is not enough. 

The same can be said about standards.  We learn through Best Practices that it takes tremendous amounts of time, outreach, effort, collaboration, funding and resources – in normal times, to achieve successful outcomes.

Interoperability alone is not enough. 

It is through interoperability we achieve our shared goals of improved user-friendly services and improved efficiencies.  Whether you are starting a project or if your project is firmly established and well underway, we know systems are complicated. 

At PESC we advocate for the convergence of technical interoperability AND business interoperability. Here are some recommendations to help you along your journey:

> Data Standards– adopt, align with & implement community-sourced data standards

> Data Governance– support (or establish) an open, transparent, collaborative, cross-sector group of stakeholders

> Data Advocacy– advocate & socialize high prioritization of data standards and best practices in both policymaker and IT sectors

> Data Usagecommit to using high-quality, open data across all applications, systems and networks

> Data Perspective– adopt and ensure a lifelong (‘P20W’) and international perspective in all aspects of development

The community that convenes at PESC Data Summits best exemplifies these values. 

In marking our 25th year, it seems the need for standards and technology have never been greater.

We call on the PESC community to maintain and continue your individual efforts, and to join together under a common mission, as we boldly move forward.

Collaboration is the key.


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PESC April 2022 Data Summit | April 25-27, 2022 | Washington DC, Dupont Circle Hotel | A Time for Reflection - A Time to Be Bold | Celebrating PESC's 25th Year Anniversary in 2002!