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Non-Profit Organizations w/ Revenues

UP TO $500,000$1,000
$500,000 TO $1M$2,500
$1M TO $10M$5,000
$10M TO $100M$7,500
$100M TO $1B$15,000
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Commercial & Vendor Organization w/ Revenues

UP TO $250,000$1,000
$250,000 TO $500,000$2,500
$500,000 TO $1M$5,000
$1M TO $10M$7,500
$10M TO $100M$15,000
$100M TO $1B$25,000
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Banks, Lenders & Services

Flat Rate$10,000
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Nomination to serve on the PESC Board of Directors

One vote in elections for the PESC Board of Directors 

One vote on motions at the PESC Annual General Meeting

  • improve their technology and overall interoperability (or learn how); 

  • seek education, guidance and best practices on technology, standards, systems, integrations, projects, pilots, etc.;

  • increase the visibility of their technology, standards, systems, integrations, projects, pilots, etc. and seek support;

  • connect and network with others with similar interests or needs in an open, friendly environment; and

  • contribute to taking our community to the next level, driving innovation and progress. 

​​Members are the source of PESC’s influence; direct actions, voluntary participation of our Members and trusted, open and neutral groups, create collective wisdom that is then shared bringing us all closer to our mutual goals.


Represent PESC at industry events and meetings

Recognized and/or quoted by PESC on social media posts and news releases

Serve as a Featured Speaker at  PESC conferences and events

Access to PESC Member exclusive sponsorship opportunities

Organization recognized as a PESC Member on the PESC website and in all digital media, communications, and newsletters

Organization recognized as a PESC Member at conferences and events

Individual attendees recognized as Members at PESC conferences and events

Outreach and awareness of technology and standards to regional, national, and international groups

Development & maintenance of PESC approved standards. Trusted, reliable, recognized and proven, these standards are implemented across the USA and Canada for admissions, financial aid and registrar processes. 

User groups, task forces and workgroups focused on exploring emerging topics, and developing solutions and approaches to issues and challenges throughout the education ecosystem.

Two annual  conferences with renowned industry speakers, engaging panel discussions, and working-group meetings.  PESC conferences are unique convenings that foster community collaboration, openness, transparency and networking.

PESC as a speaker, representative, and exhibitor at global events, where we promote data exchange, member initiatives and overall interoperability.

Access to fellow PESC Members across PK20 education, employment, and talent sectors

Engage and connect with individuals who share similar interests or needs within an inclusive and welcoming community 

Direct lines to policymaker and IT sectors at all levels, including subject matter experts and practitioners

Participate in early adopter pilots, gain access to project sandboxes and pilot organizations

Foster establishment and support of open special interest groups for all universities & colleges and a neutral, transparent environment with direct access to you, your colleagues and the PESC community 

Enable online access to PESC Approved Standards free-of-charge for other universities & colleges around the world looking to migrate to or establish electronic data exchange and processing

​Vote on approval of new standards and revisions to existing standards

PESC membership connects you and your organization to the education technology and standards community. Whether your interests are focused on supporting PESC year-round, participating in our groups and events, or serving as a leader governing our mission and initiatives, we welcome you.

As a PESC Member, you will have access to a wealth of knowledge and insights from industry experts through unparalleled networking opportunities, connecting you with like-minded professionals and organizations. A community of organizations and individuals has grown within PESC, with the desire to:

Provinces, States, Government Agencies & Non-Profits

The following dues apply to U.S. Federal agencies, foundations, national agencies outside the U.S., non-profit associations, and provincial or state agencies. 

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Universities & Colleges

​The following dues apply to non-profit and for-profit universities and colleges, and local education agencies (LEAs) and schools. 

Unlimited, discounted registrations for you and your organization to our annual Data Summits

Suggest new use cases and contribute draft specifications supporting system interoperability

Propose, volunteer with, and lead standing committees, task forces, work groups/user groups, special interest groups, and initiatives

Connect to projects and user groups seeking to develop pilots and infrastructure and incubation support

Free, unlimited access to  all PESC groups, initiatives, and committees

​Nominate “Best Practices” for annual awards and recognition


Vendors & Service Providers

The following dues apply to non-profit organizations, commercial and vendor organizations, and banks, lenders and servicers. 

PESC Members’ annual dues, as our primary source of revenue, support:




Universities & Colleges (Non-Profit)

1 CAMPUS$500
2 – 10 CAMPUSES$750
11+ CAMPUSES$1,000

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Universities & Colleges (For-Profit)

UP TO 1,000 STUDENTS$500
1,000 TO 10,000 STUDENTS$750
10,000 TO 50,000 STUDENTS$1,000
50,000+ STUDENTS$2,500
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Local Education Agencies (LEA) & Schools

UP TO 1,000 STUDENTS$500
1,000 TO 10,000 STUDENTS$750
10,000 TO 50,000 STUDENTS$1,000
50,000+ STUDENTS$2,500
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